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  Here are some answers to the questions we regularly get asked. (Last updated for the 2017 season 2nd Jan 2017)

We are not a "one size does not fit anyone" type party. Each Party or Experience is tailored to your needs.

What is included and what is not?
We supply everything for your child's party except the birthday cake, a camera, and the Birthday Girl (or Boy) themselves.
One thing that is NOT included is you having to tidy up afterwards! Just imagine that! Your child's party where you can just walk away afterwards without having to clear up and tidy! To most of our parents, this is the greatest plus mark.
Included in the price are all the costumes for your guests (both boy and girl), all prizes for the games, plus a food choice of one each from 8 main and 3 side and 5 sweets options. Also included is a special gift goody bag for each guest. Teas and coffees are available for all the adults with a soup option during winter months.
In all cases you are offered an electronic birthday card to be sent to your Birthday Princess (or Prince) to arrive on their birthday. This is sent by EMail to the EMail address given by the person making the booking. There is no cost for this service, all we need is the birthday date.

Do you do parties during the week?
During school term time we do parties and riding for disabled children through local authorities. Some days are always available however. It is best for you to ask what dates are free before booking. We will always try to accommodate you whenever possible.

We are often asked if we can do parties during the winter months. The answer is 'yes' BUT (and it is a big 'But') please take into account that the parties are mainly outdoor events. (see the next question What happens if it rains?)

What happens if it rains?
This is a mainly outdoor party, with a picnic in the woods to finish. If it rains we have an undercover area big enough to cater for up to 21 children, and an additional area for the adults. Unicorn rides can continue for any child that wants to ride. The only exception is we cannot offer rides during thunder storms as even the most docile of unicorns can be unpredictable in these conditions.
Remember that rain plus countryside equals mud. I know this is obvious but this basic fact is often overlooked. All our paths and play area are surfaced with a 'soft' material to minimise danger from trips and falls. This is a mixture of rubber and bark chippings which also eliminates most of the mud but there is always some left after rain.
You can keep your eye on the weather for your party as we run a very localised forecast on this website. Just click on the [Weather forecast] link in the panel on the left of the main page. Secret Garden Stables are situated within a horseshoe of hills which produces a very localised weather pattern. This forecast recognises this situation and therefore gives a very local result, which may not reflect what is happening 'just over the hill'.
If it is raining on the morning of your party you may postpone for no extra charge.
Please contact us by 8AM on the morning of the party on 01306 711 907 to discuss your options. (Contacting us after 8AM may attract an administration charge).

What is the maximum number and what ages do you cater for?
We can cater for up to 21 children at any party but if this is the case, please note - we are limited in the number of car parking spaces available to 19 vehicles, so car share if you can please.
Also please note that for parties with a number of guests greater than 15, the Unicorn rides tend to be shorter so that we can fit everyone in.
Our riding licence covers all ages 5 and older. Children under 5 but over 3 can be sat on the unicorn by the parent, guardian or "appropriate adult" for photo opportunities but cannot ride.
There is no upper age limit, but rather a weight limit. We will try to accommodate all your guests whenever possible but a Unicorn that is best suited to carry an average 5 or 6 year old cannot cater for over 3¾stone (22Kilos).
All children can use the play area before, during and after the party, but must be supervised by parent, guardian or "appropriate adult" at all times. This includes siblings that are not officially part of the party. but this is at the discretion and responsibility of the parent

Special requirements?
We can cater for most diet requirements of your child, from gluten free to lactose intolerance. We have a retired paramedic on site during all parties to provide advanced first aid cover.
We will try to accommodate your needs, Call us, we will always try to help.

Our aim is to send your child home, happy but worn out. We have just three rules for the children that attend our parties. 1=Don't frighten the animals, 2=Don't hurt yourself, and (most important) 3=HAVE FUN!

How do we pay and how much?
Normally, a deposit is required on booking. If the date of the party or Unicorn Experience is less that a month from the date of booking, payment is expected in full on booking.
You can pay by PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cheque or cash. For cash payment, contact the treasurer on 01306 711 907 for details.
(Please do not post cash. If you are close enough to deliver by hand we will supply the address and directions as to how to find the office)
You can pay by PayPal by either clicking on the link in the panel on the left of the main page (scroll down to just below the post box), or on the booking form pages themselves.
For Bank transfer, contact the treasurer on 01306 711 907 for details.
Cheques can be sent to the registered office address but must arrive at the office at least 14 days prior to the party date. Contact the treasurer on 01306 711 907 for details.
The full balance payment, plus food choices must be returned to us at the office address given in the welcome letter to arrive at least 2 weeks prior to date of party. Delays in the final payment of more than five working days after the due date may trigger the cancellation of the party. Deposits in this case are non refundable.

Your payment of the deposit will in the case of parties, trigger the posting of all the invites, food choices, directions and everything else you will require to pass on to your guests. This is sent via Royal Mail the same day unless you ask to collect from the office.
Included in the pack is a special letter to the Birthday Girl (or Boy).
In the case of Unicorn Experience, details of where and how to find Secret Gardens are normally sent by EMail to the EMail address given in the booking form unless a paper version is requested at the time of booking.

As always, there has to be the small print.


We are a licensed riding school and must adhere to strict health and safety regulations that will require your co-operation. On the day, please make sure all children are wearing sensible shoes, no open toes. Children are required to be supervised by parents/carers at all time and the parent or guardian must have signed a disclaimer before any child may ride the ponies. Although our unicorn ponies are chosen for their quiet and gentle nature, please remember, they are animals and can be unpredictable. The handlers instructions must be followed at all times.
Please ensure children stay on the paths and do not climb on fences in the wooded area.

Please remember to bring a camera for the photo opportunity.

Thank you for considering booking with us
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